EMT Continuing Education



Chris Cunningham
Adjunct Instructor

Continuing Education Program

  • When: Once per month, usually the first Wednesday.
  • Where: Phillips 265
  • Cost:
    • Alumni: $30 (Per Session)
    • Public: $40 (Per Session)


  • Current NC EMT-B or National Registry EMT-B certification
  • Laptop Computer/Tablet w/ Access to the UNC Network



Q: Are there any prerequisites for your program?

A: You need a current EMT-B credential to accrue continuing education hours.

Q: How much does the course cost?

A: The monthly courses cost $30 (Alumni) or $40 (Public) each, at a rate of $7.5-$10 dollars per continuing education hour. Most agencies charge double that per hour. The tuition covers instructor payroll, any extra equipment, and an admin fee for your account on our continuing education tracker software.

Q: How is the overall program organized?

A: Continuing education hours are broken down into three categories that differ where you live. The categories are National (standardized), local (for our students these are defined by the State of North Carolina), and personal. Each subcategory has defined hour breakdowns. If you attend our con ed program in 2 years, you will achieve all 80 hours in each category.