05/17/2023 - 07/30/2023    
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


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Registration Process

Use the form below to register for the course.  Once you submit the form below and complete the payment at Paypal ($690.00), you will receive an email that your registration is in a PENDING status.

UNC students should register using an official UNC email address AND full name (first and last) Students who do NOT register with a first and last name will be automatically rejected and lose their place in line.

Once an ACERIP team member has confirmed your payment your registration will be marked CONFIRMED.

In order for your registration to be final, you must complete the following steps, prior to the first night of class:

  • Click Here to submit your High School Diploma/GED, Photo Release, Liability Waiver, valid Driver’s License and proof of COVID vaccination (must have booster vaccine and initial 2 shots for Pfizer/Moderna). Click on each document name to download. You must upload the full documents, not just the signature pages. We will only accept the following documents for proof of High School Diploma/GED:
    • Copy/Picture of High School Diploma
    • Copy/Picture of Bachelor or Higher Diploma
    • Copy of High School Transcript Showing Graduation
    • or Letter from High School Confirming Graduation Date
    • Proof of COVID vaccination completion (Pfizer/Moderna requires both shots)

Your seat in the class is not secured until all the documentation is provided. If you do not complete the above documentation by the first night of class, you will be dropped from registration.

Should you decide not to take the course after registering, a $50 Administrative Fee will be deducted from your registration fee.  The remaining amount will be refunded back to you.

***If you cancel or exit Paypal before you complete your payment, your booking will be deleted in 24 hours.  You will need to complete the booking process again. ***

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact administrator@acerip.org.  If the answer to your question is on the website, you will not receive a reply.


This event is fully booked.